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High Vacuum Research Chamber ASA 100 Gate Valve MDC

High Vacuum Research Chamber Gate Valve 100 ASA.

This is a nice 100 ASA gate valve with dimensions of:
4 inch OD,
3 inch BCD
and 2 3/8 inch ID
with 6 threaded bolt holes
and is del-seal on both side.

Also the chamber is:
pneumatic with a Humphrey no, 062-4E1-36-70
*** that is a 115 volts,
*** 50/60 Hz,
*** 5.3 watts
*** and pressure of 0-125 PSI.

This unit is in good condition with dimensions of (18 inches long, 6 wide by 2 inches thick at the gate) and wt. of 10 lbs.
This is a good unit that has no surface scratches on the ASA and is guaranteed to work upon arrival.

We do accept University PO's from all major Colleges and Universities in the USA, ONLY!
Please call today for an official quotation. All other sales must be prepaid. For more information please fell free to call or e-mail. Thank you and have a great day.

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