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AB Bassel Lasertech Starmark Laser Marking System F-254mm Lens Works Great

We have for sale a AB Bassel Lasertech Starmark Laser Marking System with a F-254mm Lens that works great"Works Great".This Marking System is a Nd:YAG CW high pulsed laser with wavelength of 1064nm and 60 watts; max that was made in July 1996.The Bassel Lasertech Starmark Laser Marking System has :a Acer View 347_3.1 computer and keyboard Roden Stock (F-thetn-Ronar F=254mm lens) a rotary stage for round partsCorel Draw Graphics Software*** that mark and burngreat for plastic; stainless and aluminum parts with CW lamps @ KHz pulesand is a single phase 208Just a real nice working system that is guaranteed to work. If you have any questions; feel free to contact us at the top of the add.Thank you and have a great day. Please click the photos to enlarge the item for a closer view.We do accept University POs from all major Colleges and Universities in the USA; ONLY! Please write today for an official quotation. Thank you and have a great day.Please Note: This sale is for USA; ONLY! NO International sales or shipments.

Condition: Used

Product Number: LAB-103341

Price: $2,495.00

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