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Conoptic 360-80 E-O Laser Modulator 100 OHM Isolator Deflector Electronics

We have for sake a Conoptic Model 360-80 E-O Laser Modulator with 100 OHM Phase Modutator dated 2-00 and Ser. No. 360575.The standard 360 series modulators was built as intensity modulators with a polarizer aligned to the crystal axis. The same modulators can also be configured for use as polarization rotators; voltage variable wave plates or phase modulators. All modulators can be constructed with all the crystals inline such that the full cell is active as a phase modulator.*** But in this configuration it cannot be used as an intensity modulator; polarization rotator or variable wave plate.****** Once the modulator is built as a phase modulator it cannot be re-configured as an intensity modulator.***This item has been used; shows some rust on (2) adjustment knob nuts on support stand;_____but will be guaranteed as good upon arrival. If any questions; please feel free to e-mail.*** Please note: No cables or wires are available just the modulator and support stand. Thanks****** Modulators dimensions (5 1/4" long x 1 5/16" OD) Mount dimensions (4 1/2"L x 4 7/8"H x 4"W)*** ALSO: Please try unit as configures; if tampered with; guarantee is made void. ThanksThanks and have a blessed day. Please click the photos to enlarge the item for a closer view. We do accept University POs from all major Colleges and Universities in the USA; ONLY! Please write today for an official quotation. For more information; please feel free to contact us at the top. Thank you and have a great day.Please Note: This sale is for USA; ONLY! NO International sales or shipments.

Condition: Used

Product Number: LAB-103110

Price: $495.00

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