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Continuous Rotational Gantry by Agile Engineering 208Vac 3 Ph

We have for sale a Continuous Rotational Gantry by Agile Engineering in Knoxville; Tn. USA.Part No. DR-2556 which has 208Vac; 3 Ph and was Mfg. in 8/11/05. 1) The Main is Wheel 51" outer diam. on a steel fram (48 x 36 x 44"H )_____ while the magnetic inner circle is 30 1/2"outer diam. @ 5" deep___ which has a 9 7/8" inner diam. circle that is 4" deep___ with 8 bolt holes that are 1/2" deep around it___ and the smallest inner circle is 3 7/8" outer diam.___ which goes all the way through to the other side of the Maine wheel2) The Backside of the Main Wheel is 51" outer diam. ___ with 8 drilled bolt holes that are threaded and 1/2" deep 3) Electric Box with:___ Yaskawa Servopack 200Vac; SGHD-1.5AE___ MP 940 MechAtroLink___ Frequency Range 0-300Hz___ Ambient Temperature o- 55C degrees4) Two boxes with parts KW4270-216-000 and KW4270-311-000___ check the photos for pictures.5) Yaskawa UTSI H-B17CK Motor/Driver All Mounted and bolted down on a skid (60 x 48 x 67"H). Just an over all good looking unit that could need minor adjustments or parts but guaranteed to work upon initial set up..If interested or have a question; please feel free to contact us at the top of the add. You can also click the photos to enlarge the item for a closer view. We do accept University POs from all major Colleges and Universities in the USA; ONLY!Please write today for an official quotation. For more information; please feel free to contact us at the top of the add. Thank you and have a great day.Please Note: This sale is for USA; ONLY! NO International sales or shipments. Thank you. If a shipping quote is desired? Please send your zip code and are you a business with doc or forklift. Thanks again and God Bless.

Condition: Used

Product Number: LAB-103203

Price: $645.00

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