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Scientech Power Meter Aperature Calorimeter

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 We have for sale a Scientech Aperature Calorimeter Power Meter Cat. No 36-0203 serial No.242 made in Boulder, Co. USA.
This is used to read the power and energy measurements.
There are no extra parts but a 4” rod can be provided if needed with dimensions of 6 inch OD and 1 inch ID @ 8 inches tall and a 1 7/8 inch mount extension with wt. of 4 lbs.
This item is used and will be sold as-is. PS: Please double click scroll down photos to enlarge.

We do accept University PO's from all major Colleges and Universities in the US and Canada!
Please call today for an official quotation. All other sales must be prepaid. For more information please fell free to call or e-mail. Thank you and have a great day.

Product: Scientech Power Meter Aperature Calorimeter
Condition: Used
Warranty: Against Defect
Part Number: LAB-3473
Price: $95.00

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