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Laboratory Equipment Sales

 Shipping Information
      For light weight items (items which can be shipped by UPS or FedEx, ~80 lb. or less) shipping options are provided on the purchase order form page.  To view these shipping options simply list the quantity of  items you want to purchase from the www.labedge.com home page and scroll to the bottom and select the "Check Out" button.  After selecting the "Check Out" button on the PChemLabs.com home page the selected items are listed in a purchase order form (shopping cart) and its contents are saved in our data base and referenced with a purchase order #. Shipping options are provided on the lower portion of purchase order form.  After selecting the desired shipping method the purchase order form must be updated (select the "Update Form" button) to display the new and correct price.  For heavy items such as lasers, power supplies, vacuum pumps, etc. please communicate with our shipping department for a shipping and handling quote on large items.